1. mitraark

    Safe to buy DSLR from Paytm ?

    Have to get a DSLR before 24.04, was waiting for prices to come down as people said it will because new models have been released. Prices have not really come down much. Trying to get the Nikon D3300 , it's Rs 30075 on Paytm, with 7000 cashback, so effectively 23075. Flipkart is selling it at...
  2. $hadow

    Going Manual help me with a DSLR

    I'm basically going to upgrade to a DSLR. So lets talk about my requirements: 1. Budget: Since this is going to be my first dslr, I am not willing to spend much. Max 25k 2. Upgradability: I need good amount of OEM and Third party accessory support, mostly lenses. I will keep on adding lens...
  3. X

    Need headphones for under 1.5k

    Q What kind? A Both IEM or OEM. Q Genre? A Pop, hip hop, rock(occasionaly). Q With or without a carrying bag? A Carrying pouch is a must. Q Phone, iPod, Desktop? A Xperia P Lt22i. Q Brand? A Any as long it provides a good warranty span. Q Mic? A Mic is a must. Q Bass? A Yes, as long as it...
  4. F

    Regarding Laptop Batteries

    Hi i have recently purchased a new acer 5930 laptop what i would like to know is does keeping the laptop connected to supply 24*7 shorten the life span of the battery ? also i would like to know was/tips to prolong the battery life and kind of tips suggestion would be welcome thanks in advance
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