1. R

    Help needed selecting a LCD!

    ok i understand that the best 19" is Dell SE198WFP but how good is the Samsung 943NWX? and then in 20 inch how about Dell SP2008WFP....or any other suggestion for 20"? tq
  2. amitash

    dell sp2008wfp problem

    hi i just got this new monitor the dell sp2008wfp...its plugged in correctly and everything but wen i tur my comp on the screen just stays blank and it only lights up wen it boots into windows vista...i cant see any of my startup screens and i cannot access the bios...help!!
  3. Liverpool_fan

    Should I buy Dell SP2008WFP

    I am considering to buy the Dell SP2008WFP 20" LCD monitor. Should I buy it? My main concern is about the quality of the panel. I would mainly use it for surfing the internet, programming and a little bit of gaming. Another concern is that it has a webcam integrated will the webcam work in Linux...
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