1. clmlbx

    slipstreaming wmp 11 on xp sp3 is ok ?

    I means I slipstream ie 7 and then sp3 .........then wmp 11 so will that be ok .......means is there any wmp 11 update in xp sp3 and then it will degrade it............... Is there any sol. to to slipstream wmp 11 before xp sp3.I use nlite and manual slipstreaming after wmp 11...
  2. K

    Windows XP giving me some prob

    hi frnds, I have problems about my sys. My windows gives me error @ Start up (after bootin) "windows/system32/config" I had formatted my HD but problem didnot solved. anybody has the sol.
  3. Manshahia

    how to back up Nokia 6708 contacts??

    Can anyone plz help me in getttin backup of Nokia 6708.. need the sol urgently..
  4. Vishal Gupta

    [Windows XP] FreQuently AsKed ProBlems WITH SoluTions...

    Guys! I have seen lots of members starting new threads for already discussed problems. We always ask them to search in forum or post the existing thread links. So I decided to make this thread. I searched the forum and tried my best to cover all frequently asked problems with their solutions...
  5. satyamy

    Yahoo Virus

    My frind has something in its PC whenever I chat with him after some time it automatically send this link to me 1 of my vacation pictures snip wht can be the best sol to solve this?
  6. V

    help me.............

    guys i hv a pcmcia reliance data card ,,,i want to use it in my pc as a usb attachment.......does anybody has a sol........:(
  7. G

    VB6:property moves along list when scrolled by mousewheel

    In XP Prof,when i was running VB6,when i clicked on one of the properties in properties windows and scrolled through mousewheel ,the property selected itself also moves along the list.Why is it so and is there any sol. __________ I don't know it is problem for everyone or appears unique to me.I...
  8. P


    i recently formatted disk and reinstalled windows xp... i am now unable to load sound drivers.... i tried a few fromthe list but they din work... wats the sol??
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