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  1. A

    I thought you were a hacker !

    I fell off the sofa laughing ! :-D :lol:
  2. N

    cooling pad for Dell cost 15

    I got a weird request..... My main reason for buying cooling pad is not for cooling but for the below mentioned reasons I usually keep my xps 15 on my bed or on sofa... Which makes laptop hot on the left side..... Which I don't like so I could buy colling pad n use that as a stand so it...
  3. desiibond

    Blue- Pathetic and crap. don't watch this movie

    Today, unfortunately I went to watch this movie and believe me, it's bullshit. AK's earlier movies are lot lot better and I think RGV ki Aag will be better than this ****. it's total waste. and I have no words to describe the pathetic experience I had with this movie. If anyone bought tickets...
  4. nithinks

    Help needed for my Tutorial

    I am planning to write one more video tutorial. For which I need Two video clips(10sec each). First, A person sitting on left corner of sofa with dark colored shirt and pant. And Second, Same person sitting on the right side of that sofa with dark colored shirt and pant (different color)...
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