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  1. Zangetsu

    Nikon D3100 focus Issue

    Hi Guys, for last few days I am experiencing this Issue (if it is or not) whenever I switch on or click to capture..the Default Kit Lens (motor) makes some (very tiny) noise and adjust the ViewFinder (not the LCD) in zig zag motion (x/y axis) and the screen appears to be shifted..it does the...
  2. A

    Windows 7 and Windows 8 blue screen error ?

    i have shifted to windows 8 since last 1 week and i have noticed that when ever i use to surf net or listen songs the memory starts dumping with the blue screen error. then after few days i again shifted to windows 7 and again the same problem continues. oh yes i would like to mention one thing...
  3. G

    Reliance Netconnext Hispeed 1X on Windows 7

    Hey Guys, July, 2009: Bought Reliance Netconnect Hi-speed 1X Used it for an entire year on Windows XP sp3 June, 2010: Shifted to BSNL Wired Broadband, thanks to the unsatisfactory 15-20 kbps provided by Reliance August, 2010: Shifted to Windows 7, forgetting the USB Modem April, 2013...
  4. L

    Suggestions for 2.1 speakers to connect to TV

    Shifted the post to 'Everything Else' from 'PC Components/ Configurations'
  5. Rockstar11

    Moon is being shifted from its place..... amazing

    :? :o :shock: v v v v v :p :D ;)
  6. V

    Compaq Presario V3424TU Reviews wanted

    Hi, From mix opinion about ACER 4520 I have shifted my views to PResario V3423TU.The config is Dual Core 1.73Ghz,1GB RAM,160GB HDD,CD/DVD RW,No advance graphic card,Vista basic apart from all other common features. I need opinions about this laptop.It is Intel based machine.Same config is...
  7. Ambar

    Wanted K750i cell phone..

    Shifted to I want section.....
  8. shashank4u

    How many members have shifted c2d platform..

    how many of u have shifted to the core2duo platform and how the c2d based system is performing overall. if possible give yr system rig description and its pricing , and from where u have brought it.
  9. S

    strange!!!!really strange

    hey all. actually i was having problems with my speakers since a month or so....... the problem was that only the left speaker was working properly and the right one was giving weird kinda sound......... jerks and all i.e. everything except music....... same with the headphones...... so i came...
  10. D

    Did sign out Just sign out?

    How does one sign out in Yahoo these days. Well we do have bigger boxes (250MB). But heck! since I've shifted to GMail, i hardly use Yahoo! But how the hell do you sign out?@#$@#@#$?$?
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