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  1. A

    Is my crt failing me ?

    This is with regards to my 17" samsung syncmaster 753s. Been noticing 2 strange things. . occasionally, the monitor puts itself off and comes back again (within a couple of seconds mostly) . i've been noticing some refreshing problems. (not sure if I have to call it that way). for eg, when on...
  2. smile

    Mouse Problem?

    I have an optical mouse .....the problem is whenever i scroll down or up any page ..it somewhat hangs and shakes ...its annoying :( whatever u open and scroll the problem still remains the same....Any Help?
  3. Curious Guest

    Display problem???

    Recently my XP Home desktop has become 'jarky' as all icons shakes a lot following rt click & refresh. There was no shakes few days ago. May be a bit silly to ask but can anyone help me to restore original settings? Thanks.
  4. K

    Monitor screen shaking!!

    Hi all, I have got a serious problem with my monitor. Whenever I switch on my monitor, the screen shakes voilently. nothing is seen clear. It keeps on shaking till the welcome screen comes. Its not that the screen becomes stable when the monitor is heated up, it shakes every time it is...
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