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  1. R

    Should i format my galaxy s with android 2.3?

    I got an sgs and i wanted to kno if upgrading to 2.3 is a good idea or not.. Just read about how the ics update for the s2 turned out pretty bad so wanted to make sure it isn't the same with the sgs. Thanks in advance.:-o
  2. nCyCoD

    Should I buy SGS II?

    SGS II is available for 24k. with manufacturer warranty.Should I buy it or wait for maybe One S? I wanted to buy Xperia S but out of my budget.My max. budget is 25k. Here is my preferred spes: 4+" screen Dual Core Processor 8+ MP Camera. Thank you.
  3. L


    As we all know that Desire HD has been launched in India and some of the geeks have already got their hands on that piece of gadget 8-) and few of them have already got one... :):):). Finally, my long wait is over and I was about to buy the SGS, but suddenly from no where HTC launch the...
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