1. P

    Screwed up bad! Please help!

    Guys I screwed up pretty bad. So recently my CPU temps while gaming has going upto 85-90, which I know is bad. I have an i7 2600k. So I opened up the pc and cleaned it thinking it was a dust problem, but there was little to no dust. So I opened the CPU cooler, and I use the stock cooler they...
  2. F

    Screwed Career. Need Help

  3. C

    Corsair CX 430 PSU Smoked

    After working for about 4 months my PSU Corsair CX 430 Smoked. Yesterday when I switched on the computer it did not started and after few seconds smoke started coming out with a sound from cabinet. I think PSU screwed up. Its strange that I spent 2500 for this PSU and still it got burnt.
  4. L

    Why I hate Electronic Arts

    I just read this article ea_spouse: EA: The Human Story which actually touched my heart. I mean ho can a big company like EA treat its employees as described in the article. Also nowadays their games are bad. They have screwed up Fifa series since Fifa 11 and also their over hyped Crysis 2 was...
  5. C

    Monitor Suggestion.

    Hey guys.I need a monitor for my old home pc,It's on a CRT atm and it screwed up.Need a monitor below 5k for it or may be the cheapest possible.Mom needs it.
  6. iinfi

    mobo screwed with anti-static bag..HELP!!!

    i v bought a new machine my dealer has screwed the mobo with the anti-static bag into the cabinet. i m clueless as to why he has done it!! sud the mobo be screwed with the anti-static bag inside the cabinet?
  7. Renny

    PS2 Query, reply ASAP!

    Hi, I screwed up my PS2 accidently, the part I screwed was the "Reset Button" (The hole PCB is broken) Even the connecting ribbon is screwed, My question is whether I can use a PS2 remote control to Switch it on and reset it?
  8. M

    help me for last time

    hi ppl sorry i m troubling you again . i need to buy extra controller for ps2 .i have heard that there are 2 types of it one is of 300 while other is of 675 how to distinguish the two coz my friend got screwed month ago as during tekken game joystick came out in his hand . pls help
  9. saurabh.sauron

    Adsense screwed up...

    my adsense account has screwed up. have a look at this screenshot. i havent changed any setting. *
  10. S

    Send Fonts

    I immediately need all the fonts that come with Windows XP. something has screwed my comp bigtime. Thanx in advance. Its really urgent
  11. S

    is my pc screwed or is my pc screwed

    according to ***cde** magazine had an articles about powersupply, they had a chart accoring to it, i should have the 12 v rail giving around 17 amps where as the smps says 12v rail 10 amps so, whats goin on here....
  12. Sourabh

    Whts the life of a average cd writer???

    btw guys just wanted yo knw is there any particulat lifetime of a cd writer in terms of how many cds it can write or in time duration?? :?: :?: :lol: i have screwed 2 cd writers till now n the third liteon one is almost dead giving errors in burnt discs y is it so?? i burn abt 6-8 cds...
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