1. Æsoteric Positron

    Cheap screw driver set needed

    So, I wanted to buy a screw driver set like ifixit's 64 bit one, but for much cheaper (cause its 1. its pricey 2. AFAIK its not even available, and have to be shipped from over the seas) Requirements -: 1. As many bits it can support, but am buying it for small Philips screw bit (that is used...
  2. naveen_reloaded

    2G iPod Shuffle stripped and left bare for the world to see

    We've barely gotten a chance to get used to the new iPod Shuffle in the wild, but wouldn't ya know it, already people have taken it apart. Apparently to achieve this dastardly task you'll need a "spudger" (yeah, we had to look that one up too) and a #00 Phillips Screwdriver. There's not a lot to...
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