1. A

    Is SCJP a good book to learn Java?

    Hello, I am currently in my F.E Computer Engineering and was wondering if the SCJP for Java 6 a good book to learn Java?
  2. sanithkk81

    Suggestions for active SCJP forum

    Suggestions required for active SCJP forum I would be taking SCJP test within 2 o r 3 months. So I would like to join an active SCJP forum where I can get latest question paper, dumps, mock exams, queries etc. Can anyone suggest me any good forum site for SCJP?
  3. sanithkk81

    SCJP and Microsoft .NET cerification training

    I am very interested in getting SCJP 1.6 and Microsoft .NET 4.0 cerification 8-) . I live in chennai. Can anyone suggest me the best training institute offering java and microsoft certification :idea:? Thanks in advance
  4. blademast3r

    Java and SCJP certification in Bangalore

    Hey guys need some info bt a good training institute in blore preferably arnd koramangala.. also need some info bt the SCJP certification..
  5. mad_max


    i'm thinking of doing scjp to get into the industry(to get a job lol) anyways is that a good choice guys cuz i'm a bit lost at the moment oh and i'm doing BCS at the moment help:)
  6. S

    SCJP exam....

    Any one knows how to apply for the SCJP (sun certified java professional) exam
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