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  1. seamon

    Increase resolution of screen.

    I increased the resolution of my laptop screen to 3200x1800 by down scaling method. - - - Updated - - - Comments?
  2. debarshi

    Led scaling And native resolution problem

    I am planning to buy a new monitor as my old CRT has gone gaga. Planning to buy a 18.5 inch one. I also have a Sony 26 inch LCD tv which is connected to my pc via hdmi and runs in 720p resolution, which my CRT also did support. I am hearing issues like scaling and native resolution in led tv...
  3. ParaXite

    [FIX] AMD GPU Scaling problem

    [FIX] HP dv6 LAPTOPS AMD GPU Scaling problem I had this problem with my AMD 6770m GPU where the 4:3 resolutions would not "stretch" to fit the screen leaving black bars around the sides on the screen. This can be fixed via the scaling option in the catalyst control centre but unfortunately...
  4. rchi84

    PCI express discussion here

    Based on the direction the discussion took in the batman thread, let us discuss the effects of pci express 2.0 x4 x8 x16 on single and multi card setups on both Intel and amd platforms here. Fire away guys :) let me start things off. Found an old article on tomshardware that deals with this...
  5. vickybat

    Pcie scaling on p67 platform

    Guys here's an interesting article on gpu performance on the now popular p67 platform. It seems nvidia has an advantage here in terms of scaling as amd seems to be having a performance hit in x16 ,x8 & x4 modes. Source Read and post comments.:smile:
  6. Jaskanwar Singh

    Triple GPU Scaling

    A Look At Triple-GPU Performance And Multi-GPU Scaling, Part 1 - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News a series that will follow with 3x1 monitor setup soon.
  7. J

    Triple-GPU Scaling: AMD CrossFire Vs. Nvidia SLI

    tom's hardware: Triple-GPU Scaling: AMD CrossFire Vs. Nvidia SLI : Is Multi-GPU The Game Changer? :doublethumb: so.. hd 6950 scale better than gtx 570 sli. ;) AMD has improved drivers, i guess. :p also 3rd card from both company is just not worth it. but i think tom should have waited...
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