1. Zangetsu

    You Consider Cost or Satisfaction

    Lets discuss this also added poll :wink: Discussion is simple "You consider cost or Satisfaction while spending money"
  2. prophet

    Help in Hosting COD 4

    i recently got Call of Duty 4, I have played it online on various servers but I really want to host a server where only me and a couple of my friends could play. I have searched a lot regarding how to setup a COD 4 server but couldn't find anything to my satisfaction. It would be very helpful if...
  3. I

    details for a pc of nearly 30,000 rupees?

    hi friends i want to buy pc below 30,000 strictly budget, MOBO - AMD OR INTEL OR OTHERS HD(300GB) SPKRS- CREATIVE 2.1 PROCESSOR- PLZ GIVE ME WHICH IS BEST AMD OR INTEL my satisfaction is of light gaming fast speed , i am not looking for quadcore, LCD MONITOR-(THINKING OF ONLY 19'')...
  4. CadCrazy

    Survey - Apple Customers Are Most Satisfied with Their Choice

    Apple has the highest score ever recorded in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. The company now ranks first in customer satisfaction among PC manufacturers for the fifth year in a row, being followed by runner-up Dell, the only computer company (besides Apple) to record an increase in...
  5. naveen_reloaded

    Sony Ericsson Wins J.D Power Award !!

    For the second consecutive time, Sony Ericsson ranked highest in U.S. overall customer satisfaction performance among wireless mobile phone brands in the 2008 J.D. Power and Associates U.S. Wireless Mobile Phone Evaluation Study(SM). Sony Ericsson was previously ranked highest in the same study...
  6. Projjwal

    Support overclock or not

    Do u support overclocking.......????:neutral: __________ It gives u satisfaction...Pay less money for better speed.:)
  7. K

    any completly Freeware Software

    Whenever I attempt to edit the files, taken from the History or Favorites, into Word Document, I cannot edit them to my satisfaction. Is there any special and completely freeware Software available for the purpose?
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