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  1. I

    s700i memory stick limitation?

    hi i hav a p900 and it only supports a max of a 128mb mem stick...i wanna buy a mem stick for the s700i does it have a limitation too? whats the max i can buy for the s700i and approx prices also if u kno.. thanks
  2. R

    k750i or s700i

    my choice is these two phones.Of the two which is better taking in to consideration the overall picture?
  3. V


    could ne1 tell me the price of Sony Ericsson S700i and Memory Stick Duo in Mumbai can I expand its memory by putting an MMC card? could u also suggest good camera mobiles of 1 megapixel or more and their prices? is it true that u can't expand the memory of K700i ? plz reply quickly
  4. anispace

    best camera phone??

    i want to know about the best camera phone available?? price,features etc. the SE s700i is a nice 1 i guess
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