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    Thanksy'all. :D

    I'd like to thank 1) Cilius 2) Sujeet 3) arnab.d287 4) topgear 5) doomgiver and finally 6) ico for helping me with my new computer with the following specifications: Processor- AMD FX4100 at 3.6Ghz- Rs.6000 MoBo- Asus M5a97 - Rs.6000 RAM- Corsair Vengeance 4GB- Rs.1500 GPU-...
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    PCI-ex Graphics Card Solution

    I am buying AMD athlon 64 3500+ , I want a good PCI-ex Gfx Card not more than Rs.6500/- I want only card from Nvidia. So please tell me what card will i get for Rs.6500.
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