1. R

    LED TV >42inch under 60k

    Hello All, Can any one please suggest any LED TV's >42'' under 60k. I can do without 3D/smart TV. Regards, Rohit
  2. R

    Nikon 70-300mm AF-S VR

    Hi Guys, got a nikon D5100 camera couple of weeks back and was looking for a zoom lens and narrowed it down to 70-300mm VR. New one's seem to be costly around 27k... so planning to go for Refurbished one.. Any place in bangalore/Chennai where i can get those? My budget is around 17k...
  3. R

    Wireless headphone under 3k

    Hello Guys, can any one suggest wireless headphones under 3k? Thanks, Rohit
  4. rohitshakti2

    Discount coupons for Primeabgb

    Hi friends, I am going to purchase SMPS from Primeabgb. Can anyone provide me discount coupons for the same. Regards Rohit I am still waiting for the same.
  5. Kniwor

    FS: Paypal $$

    Hi, Got $$ in paypal, if any of you guys want it, let me know. Rohit
  6. R

    How to recover Tally data

    Hello All, I have been using Tally 4.5 since 4 years. Some days back my Tally data has been corrupted. I have tried many data recovery companies but could not get my data. Can anybody tell me about any company which can get my data back. Thanks in advance Rohit Khariwal
  7. rohus24

    Query with mp3 player

    hi guys own a transcend t sonic 610 player. i find its transfer speed very slow. 2day i mounted it in ubuntu and saw its properties 2 my surprise i found out that it as running on usb 1.1 and not 2.0 as said in their box so is there ne way thru which i can enable usb 2.0 in the player.. thnx...
  8. rohus24

    kaspersky problem

    hi guys today morning i tried to update my kis definitions but one or more files were not being downloaded. can nebody clarify if they r also facin the same problem? thanks rohit
  9. R

    Sifi's connection

    Hi guys, How's the services of sifi (especially in delhi)? Regards, Rohit
  10. R


    Hi, Does anyone have any idea about this ISP ? And what do you think about Sify & bharti? Which ISP you prefer for your broadband needs? Regards, Rohit
  11. R

    USB 2 ?

    hi, How to find out that i have USB 2 & not USB 1.1 installed ? regards, rohit
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