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  1. X

    Need some files

    Can any1 upload fifa10 autorun.exe and setup.exe and post the link... mine got deleted due to a virus attack:-(...i tried searching torrents but they all were iso's or ripped..
  2. windchimes

    Thackeray taking on Sachin.

    http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/shiv_sena_to_sachin_stick_to_sports.php I am fuming with anger.. Some one should stop these Thackeray's else Maharashtra will ripped into 10000 pieces
  3. T

    Am I being Ripped off here?

    I went shopping for Hardware in Pune and see what I got. GTS 250 with 512MB DDR3 from Some Brand "TAG"/? for Rs 8500 HDD Seagate 500 gb : Rs 2550 Kingston 2 GB DDR2: Rs 1850 Cooler Master 500W PSU: Rs. 3500 these prices are way higher than what I am seeing on itwares.com. So is the site not...
  4. ironfreak

    Best solution to convert HD ripped .mkv video into X360 and PS3 playable fornats

    Guys, I have loads of HD ripped (.mkv) movies on Hard disc. Im about to burn them to DVD9. But I want to make sure that they will also play on both X360 and PS3. I right now own neither of consoles but in future I will buy them and so this is kind of future arrangement. So I just want to...
  5. ring_wraith

    Find the Sum of the Digits of 2^1000

    215 = 32768 and the sum of its digits is 3 + 2 + 7 + 6 + 8 = 26. What is the sum of the digits of the number 2^1000? Ripped off from Project Euler. Any solutions anyone?
  6. GeekyBoy

    DVD to DivX

    I have ripped a DVD using DVD Decrypter. Now, how can I convert the ripped files to the DivX or XviD format to save HDD space ???
  7. quan chi

    what is the difference between pirated, original and ripped game.

    sorry guys for re-opening a thread with almost the same title again.well guys i have not clearly understood the difference. can anyone please tell me the difference clearly.what is the difference between pirated game c.d, original game c.d. and ripped game.i mean i have seen some persons...
  8. quan chi

    what is a ripped version in games??

    guys i have seen in some forums people posting that they have ripped version of the game.now please can anyone tell me what this ripped version mean.
  9. T

    Dhoom 2 Preview For Mobile- DVD Ripped

    Go To This Post For Download http://mobilehut.blogspot.com/2006/08/dhoom-ii-preview-watch-hrithik.html
  10. sid_ashok

    Subtitle problem

    i have subtitle for my movie how to load it. movie is ripped in avi format.
  11. D

    games link plz

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