1. ©mß

    Reverse Tethering not working.

    I downloaded the Android Tool for reverse tethering. My drivers are already installed i guess so. I connected my phone but can't access internet. Why? help me please.
  2. sanny16

    Reversing a car in NFS THE RUN

    How do i reverse a car in nfs run? I get stuck every time i crash against a wall or something and i am not able to reverse back car. I checked the keyboard settings but did not find the reverse option in there.
  3. Faun

    What did you buy today ?

    I bought Metro 2033 PC DVD for Rs.699/- Will play when I get my new rig soon :-) Apart from that Volini gel (50g) for my sore ligaments of forearms. Rs.90/- Gotta build forearms to the strength level of biceps by doing reverse curls.
  4. B

    Friends I need yr help..!!

    Friends, I wanted to know that we use gprs in computers but the reverse is also true...? then how.... pls tell me.... I will be thankful to u....
  5. R

    Orkut not working with ZAP

    My Orkut seems to be working only in read-only more of late. I cannot post scraps, send messages, post anything in message boards, accept or send friend requests, change my settings or do pretty much anything in Orkut that requires clicking, other than opening links. I can only view everything...
  6. D

    Somebody pz help me out

    I just patched uxtheme and now I lost all my XP theme.All I have now is the 98 theme Plz sujjest something to reverse it!!!!:sad:
  7. The Incredible

    Incredible Input Incredible Output (ProgLang-C++)(Comp-TC++)

    Here're two progs to transpose and mxn matrix and reverse the same. //TO REVERSE A 3X4 MATRIX.// #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<iomanip.h> void main() { clrscr(); int a[3][4]; for(char i=0;i<3;++i) { for(char j=0;j<4;++j) cin>>a[i][j]; } for(i=2;i>=0;--i) {...
  8. Batistabomb

    Hide your Folders without using any softwares

    Guys i had a cool technique where we can hide a folder containing secured files or personal data,come let's take on 1. choose the folder you want to protect. [Ex: c:myFolder] 2. Copy the following text {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} (copy with brackets) 3. Right click on your...
  9. koolbluez

    Now it's reverse typing problems on Firefox

    Why do I keep getting problems which are always unique to myself? Now, this is the latest. My FireFox is now typing characters in the reverse sometimes... like "koobluez" becomes "zeulbook" and this happened only in FireFox. This might have happened when Java environment was initialised...
  10. V

    Reverse DNS

    My office (govt.) have 3 servers (linux) and ips of 164.100 series. We are given 10 ips to be used. Is there anyway to make reverse DNS for the ips. I have heard that reverse DNS can be made only by the owner of the ip. In a sense we are the owner because it have been given to us bythe...
  11. R

    How to Reverse Adblock

    I installed this FF ext. Adblock and accidently blocked images from Digit i.e the logo, new posts , and even the new topic.....:( Now I cant reverse it ...plz help
  12. A

    annoying hindi..plz help

    guys i m having some strange problem...i have recently installed some hindi langauage softwares (hindi pad and baraha) now some of newly installed applications (like bluetooth) and some games are partly showing writings in hindi fonts...its quite do i reverse this...i hv treid to...
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