1. perplexed


    Hey folks, I am thinking of getting an ultrabook in range of 75k. I asked for suggestions also. But i was not convinced with the replies. Anyways, I decided to go with the macbook pro version i5. Can somebody tell me good resellers in Bangalore (koramangala/MG road area preferred ). I...
  2. A

    Cheap domains and resellers

    well .. hey to all. Just read this article in fastrack on resellers some time back. so i had brought a bunch of resellers. I currently have 2 . So was planning on selling 1. If anyone is interested let me know. The ones i have are from hostgator. Both are diamond resellers. I can also do cheap...
  3. R

    are there resellers for dell?

    i wanted to buy a dell laptop. have zeroed in on inspiron 1520. but i wanted to see the laptop physically before buying. are there resellers for dell or everythihg is online? i stay in mumbai. so if an1 can tell me where i can get to see the laptops in shops.also will there be pricing difference...
  4. M

    NEED Directi resellers

    Hi I want to trasfer my exsisiting domain from one directi reseller to other one let me know if u r reseller. Thank You
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