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  1. vwad

    Resale Value of AMD config in Pune

    Hello Currently I have following config which I plan to sell in next 4-5 months. What value may I expect from this config ? What will be the resale value of below. Asus A7V400Mx Mobo AMD Sempron 2400 Proc Seagate 80GB Barracuda HDD 20GB Samsung HDD (Bought in 2001) Logitech Value...
  2. speedyguy

    N 5300 or W350i??? plz advice soon

    m mainly foccusing on quality music on earphones wit expandable slot.... camera not concern coz i already hv a digicam but still better if atleast 1.3mp is present for instant click... stylish looks preferred... i can see nokia 5300 and se w350i....both look good but wich ones better...
  3. H

    N -series or Sony Ericcson?

    Can some one please suggest what to chose;Nokia N -72,or Sony Ericcson W 700i/w800i? What will be the advantages over one another & also which one will fetch better resale value in the future?
  4. virus_killer

    Want to sell my PC, how much will i get ??

    hi guys,, i want to sale this pc, here is the cofiguration of my pc. intel p4,3GHZ, X86 family,1MB cache 256MB DDR RAM 128MB G-Force Graphics card 80 GB Hard drive (5200 RPM) samsung CDR/W/DVD 17" LG color monitor optical mouse how much will i get if i resale this...
  5. go_gamez

    can some one estimate the price of my pc ?

    i have the pc with the following config : iwant all u people ..to tell me what will the total value of a brand new pc with this config and also ..its resale value if i sell it to some close friend ,relative or any other person but not in some computer shop..even a cybercafe will do !! do...
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