1. NucleusKore

    Caching apt and mass updating multiple Ubuntu PCs over networks

    Hi everyone I had a few doubts related to updating mass deployed Ubuntu linux systems. 1. Is there any way to run AptOnCD genrated packages from a network server? 2. Even better can we make the above into a deb repo which can be updated after the IT department clears the packages for...
  2. H

    Miro - Internet TV Player/Downloader

    I just discovered Miro and it turned out be one super discovery. Well, subjective opinion there, but I loved it very much. Downloading and watching videos was never this fun, all in once place and yes, you can download from youtube, yahoo, google, bliptv, dailymotion..etc, and also add your own...
  3. mobilegeek

    Which course to do in security?

    Hi Please which course or certification is good? I have heard about CEH and CISSP ? are they good, is ECcouncil have a bad repo? I want to do something in ebusiness security or online security..
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