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  1. prabhu.wali

    isp change

    m currently usin bsnl 500c++ n it totally sucks m thinking o for opting airtel impatience 899,does it include landline rentals n if any other applicable charges, n wot is the avg download speed??
  2. alsiladka

    Even Macworld is noticing Apple's lies

    Paul's Supersite blog - Along with this we had the recent Mozilla revelation that hinted at Apple's hiding of some APIs. What's the world ( Apple ;) ) coming onto!!
  3. A

    Airtel GPRS (Mah&Goa) Rise in Rentals

    What I believe is the rentals have to be uniform to a state if they are facing some extra overheads in some states. What ever should be a reasonable amount. Also some check on these increases or decreases have to be maintained. Is GPRS not covered under trai? Airtel GPRS was a really good...
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