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  1. arko1983

    Laser printer with scanner

    Need a multi-purpose laser printer and scanner budget 10k,cheap and easy to refill.
  2. Bhav

    Need Toner refill

    I want to buy Panasonic KX-MB772CX All in printer toner refill can any one tell me where can i buy this please help me
  3. M

    Suggest a laserjet printer(refill friendly)

    My old canon mp160 cartridge is no longer looks strong.Even after refill unable to get prints.Properly doesnt know whether problem is with cartridge or with clog mechanism.So buying a new cartridge and if still the refilling have mess with clog mechanism will prove an expensive mistake. Since...
  4. The Conqueror

    Do you Refill Your Cartridges?

    Do you refill your cartridges or buy a new one? I have ordered a DIY Kit for my HP 21 Cartridge and as far as I know, drilling a hole is not required for this cartridge. Please share your experience, if any, on refilling cartridges.
  5. J

    Printer - Epson or Canon

    Hi all, Please help me in selecting a low cost, economic printer, from the market. I searched and found out two : PIXMA iP2770 - Canon India - Personal Epson Stylusâ„¢ T13 The rate i prefer should be less than Rs.3000. I usually refill the cartridge. So, please suggest me the best...
  6. kool

    (HP 4488) 818 cartidges: Refilling color & black ink.

    Guys, How to refill ink in these cartridges? Its expensive buying ink cartridges. yesterday bought 818L black for Rs.1000 :(, found these items on ebay.in Guys, is it worth buying these kits or not? Want ur opinion. :oops::oops: RI06B HP CART MATE + FREE 100ML BLACK DESMAT REFILL INK | eBay...
  7. paroh

    how many time Laser printer ink refill

    It is how much feasible to refill a laser printer ink? and how much time a laser printer ink can be refill without effecting the printing performance of a printer?
  8. R

    refill printer catrdige

    i have a canon mp145 all in one i waqnt to refill black ink can any1 guide me with step by step procedure photos or videos shall be a great thelp also can any1 tell me teh budget,,,,,hw much is th ink bottle come u[pto the brand name etc.... and which syringe to use
  9. H

    Refill laser printer

    how can i refill a hp 1020 laser printer ?
  10. V

    Latest Canon Inkjet Home Printer for sale

    About the printer : Latest Canon Inkjet Home Printer http://site-in.canon-asia.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=bubblejet&prod_type=ip1880 I bought it for 2k, nowadays gimmick being that new printer (any brand) comes only with demo cartrigdes (lasts only 4/5 pages). So the purchaser has to replace...
  11. thewisecrab

    Printer Catridge Not Detected After Refill

    Hi Guyz I hav an HP F380 printer/scanner I used to refill the introductory catridges once XP said It was low on ink and then i would continue using it again :D Now After refilling it the third time, The Printer And HP suite refuses to detect the catridges (saying there is a fault in...
  12. A

    Refill Query - Samsung SCX-4200 MFD Laser

    Hi I have Samsung SCX4200 Laser MFD. I am told bt Samsung that this model has a chip in Toner cartridge sue to which u can't Refill the toner. ANyone knows a Refill shop in Mumbai who has a way to bypass this? Pls help with contact details of Mumbai Shop by PM me. Thanks
  13. linardni

    Cartridge Refill...sahi process

    I own a HP 3420 model Inkjet printer. For refilling its cartridge I purchased an Amkette black e-fill Inkjet refill system. However the HP cartridge (HP 27) doesn't fit into the refill clip of amkette. Hence I refilled the cartridge by injecting ink into the vent below the sticker with an...
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