1. A

    Need A graphics card under 2.5K

    Hii guys, I need a graphics card undre 2500 urgently. The standard Q&A 1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans:Well I have a completely El-cheapo PSU. A Indian brand named trance-tech has a 450 watt model out in the streets and I don't plan on...
  2. chandan3

    Gta 4 with mods

    can i run gta 4 ulimate texture mods,i hv laptop os- win7(64bit) gpu- nvidia 630m ram- 4gb these r the mods GTA-Downloads.com » GTA IV Ultimate Textures (GTA IV)
  3. ankit.kumar010203

    8 Inch(Or Above)Tablets Under 7k...!!

    Can You Tell Me 8 (or Above)Inch Tablet Under 7k....Its specification Must Meet The Following Specs:- Processor- 800 mhz or more Ram- 512 mb or more android version not be under 2.3 gingerbird...:|:|:| It Must Be Above 7 inch...!!!
  4. C

    Corsair RAM, ASUS GPU & CM 310 Cabby

    For Sale ! Corsair Vengeance CL8-8-8-24 4GB Kit, ASUS GeForce GTS 450 1GB DirectCU TOP, CM Elite 310 + CM 120MM FAN installed as Intake behind Front Mesh Expected Price: RAM- Rs.1500/-, GPU- SOLD, Cabinet- Rs.900/- Time of Purchase: RAM- From guy on another forum, GPU- SOLD...
  5. Techniboy

    New PC Configuration from Rs.23000- 28000

    Hey guys, I bought my old pc in 2005 and it contains:- CPU- intel P4 ( i don't know the ghz its 3 or 3.3 ) MoBo- Gigabyte GA-8I865GME-775-RH RAM- 1GB Hardisk- 80GB I will play games like FIFA-11, C&C Twilight Tiberian, Star craft 2, DiRT 3, NFS SHIft 2 unleashed, HP pt2 Deathly hallows...
  6. V

    system upgrade

    guys i am unable to play games like quake4, vegas2,arma etc. at high details because after about 20 min system hangs and display message that disply driver stoped working need to restart. but quake4 works fine at mid settings some suggested me to upgrade proc, ram,mobo. my current config is-...
  7. T

    PC for animation

    Hi, i am doing animation the institute has given me the following configurations for my pc. Please let me know the price as soon as possible:- 1.Core2Duo(2.6GHz, 1333FSB/4MB)- 2.Intel Motherboard D975XBX2- 3.250GB HDD- 4.2GB RAM- 5.NVIDIA Geforce 8800 Ultra- 6.DVD writer- 7.Digital Tablet-...
  8. official

    WANT NEW GRAPHICS PCIEX CARD(pls reply at the earliest)

    I have the following rig- processor- AMDX2 4200+ mobo- zebmcp61 ... 16x pciex ram- 2 gb psu-450w plz suggest me good gpu... my budget is 13000/- ...
  9. narangz

    Upgrade Help...

    Hi! I want to upgrade my PC & budget is Rs. 15000. Here's what I need: CPU- I prefer AMD 64bit. Which socket do you guys recommend? 939 or AM2? Recommend the processor speed etc. Motherboard- Should have onboard graphics. No VIA/SIS plz. I checked MSI RS482 and K9AGM. Or do you recommend...
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