1. D

    Should I go for Ruby on Rails internship

    I've completed B.E Computer Science this year. I want to make career mainly in Java development. But as of now I've received offer for an internship in Ruby on Rails development. So my queries are as follows : 1) I am thinking both the sides. a) If I accept the offer I will get to learn a...
  2. S

    PSU for r9280x

    I have shortlisted two PSU for my r9280x build, I just wanted a second opinion on both of these. Antec VP650 which has 35a on 12v rails or, Seasonic eco 650W which has 46a on 12v rails. Build : R9280x 4x2 corsair venegance 1600 2 fans. 1 hdd 1tb fx 8120. So, which of these...
  3. V

    psu query

    i have a doubt whether the seasonic s12 430watt psu will be able to handle(which has 1(6pin) & 1(6+2)pin) the following configuration- 1)intel pentium g645. 2)gigabyte gah61m mobo. 3)1 stick of 2gb ddr3(1333mhz). 4)wd caviar blue(7200rpm) 500gb hdd. 5)lg dvdrw. & 6)msi gtx 560ti hawk...
  4. A

    Radeon 6750HD... 300W psu enough?

    Hi friends, I have recently purchased an XFX Radeon 6750 1GB DDR5... I had my stock PSU which was from HCL.. it is running fine for past 3 years.. It has dual 12v rails with a mx output of 19A on 12v combined. So i was wondering if i cud use my card on it? Secondly my shopkeeper...
  5. F

    Coolermaster chasis problem

    I recently purchased a cooler maser chasis. I bought a new hard disk along with it which the shop guys fixed. I bought another HDD 2 weeks later and when I tried to fit that I found that there are no drive rails and I chedked the packaging as well no extra ones either. I went and enquired they...
  6. anandk

    Microsoft rides the rails again with Train Simulator

    Almost six years ago, Microsoft brought its Flight Simulator series down to Earth with the release of Microsoft Train Simulator. The game offered more than 600 miles of re-created railroad routes to run and a level of detail that took into account everything from the rate of coal shoveling on...
  7. iinfi

    anyone heard of Ruby on Rails??

    anyone heard of Ruby on Rails??. how gud or bad is it?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_on_Rails http://www.rubyonrails.org/ i heard it for the first time today morn. :(
  8. J

    SMPS, dual rail, doubts

    I am planning to buy a new SMPS since my A8-NE is presently powered by a 20 pin power supply. Though it works perfectly, I feel the 24 pin one will be ideal and future proof. But I happened to see in the specifications of newer Antec, Coolermaster etc. that they have dual rails for the power...
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