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  1. rajwansh2003

    Ragging an Education

    Do you think ragging is should be necessary. ANSWER: No Some student in the college come and try to show there power and there approach. They think world start from them. Some do not know to respect there parent how will they respect any one else. Hostel is the place where they are free form...
  2. N

    Medical student dies after ragging in Himachal college

    link http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Medical-student-dies-after-ragging-by-seniors/articleshow/4247603.cms
  3. Disc_Junkie

    What to do to save yourself from ragging in colleges?

    Hey I am in XII Sc and want to get admission to an Engineering college but I am afraid of different types of ragging starting from making fun to stripping of clothes in hostels. Please help and give me a remedy ....
  4. C

    Ragging - Hindi

    Well got this class debate tomorrow.. The topic I chose is ragging and need to speak for like 4 minutes and after that the discussion session.. So tell some points if possible in hindi or otherwise in English and I will translate them.. Tell some incidents too.. Oh btw what the heck is ragging...
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