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  1. C

    Is the ps3 3d display here?

    As the heading states, is that monitor in Indian market yet? If it is, where can I get one? And, by the way, how frequent is ps3's frimware updates, and how big they usually are? Thanks in advanced
  2. desiibond

    Sony's game division finally turns a profit -- sells 4.9M PS3s in Q3

    Source: Engadget After bleeding red for months, Sony's games division finally turned a profit last quarter. Sony sold 4.9 million PS3s last quarter after slashing console prices, boosting game titles, and cutting production costs internally. Of course, we're sure Wii shortages aren't hurting...
  3. techtronic

    PS3 problems abound as second batch to hit shelves in December

    No Wonder PS3's release created shockwaves in US & Japan Source : http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20061127PD205.html
  4. PrinceHeart

    PS3's Post-Release Madness !!

    Lets say its a Pre-Release Madness !! LOL Photos: -------- PS3's West Coast debut: Weary but determined, PlayStation 3 customers in San Francisco finally get their hands on the console. Manhattan's PS3 launch party: After three days of waiting, fans got to mingle with the press...
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