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  1. kanu2k7

    Need the best HD Projector for a partially lit room

    Hey Guys, I need your help regarding buying an HD projector. I need this to be installed at a local community place where there would be partially lights on, So need a bright projector. Price is not an issue but should not be too extravagant :-D. We just need to project 2D content from an HD...
  2. perplexed


    Hey folks, I am thinking of getting an ultrabook in range of 75k. I asked for suggestions also. But i was not convinced with the replies. Anyways, I decided to go with the macbook pro version i5. Can somebody tell me good resellers in Bangalore (koramangala/MG road area preferred ). I...
  3. naveen_reloaded

    Cheoptics360: the future of 3D video is here

    Forget what you know about lenticular-based 3D displays, holograms, and even those "real" 3D image projectors being toyed around with in Japan. That 3D image you're looking at above was generated within the Cheotpics360, a four-sided transparent pyramid develop by a Danish team of engineers and...
  4. ymhatre

    Good projectors needed

    Guys i need a good projector for showing my files on computer on large screen.... Currently i have got no idea about my budget..... But it could be max of 15k.... I have no knowledge abt projectors....
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