1. C

    Programming PC - Budget 80k

    Hello, so I need to build a desktop for a friend, his budget is 80k but he doesn't mind paying a little more. His main purpose is absolutely programming. Here are the answers for the questionaire- 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run...
  2. D

    Career in programming

    Being a mechanical engineer and ending up doing some crappy job which i absolutely hate i want to shift my path to programming. Coding is not a joke i know but will 1 year of hard work can get me a job. Atleast i will love what i am doing though i have never code before.
  3. A

    Which Programming Language to Learn?

    In today's date career of web programmer or web developer is on peak, but at same time there are many programming languages which are coming to market and web programmer need to keep himself/herself up to date with latest technology. So i wanna ask if one has to start fresh career in web...
  4. RBX

    Project Partners

    I'm looking for people interested in partnering with me for a project. My main aim is to add a project to my resume. Secondary aims include: Learn some teamwork (all my previous projects have been 1 man projects). Learn use of github, sourceforge and the like for versioning, collaboration...
  5. Vyom

    New Full HD Monitor for Programming and Movies around 10k - (Monitor bought: HP 22XW)

    I was long thinking to buy a Full HD monitor. And a problem with my existing 19" Dell monitor made me realize its about time I start to plan it. My requirement is: 1. Budget of under (or around) 10k 2. Full HD (1080p) 3. Programming and Movies. And occasional racing games. PS: I don't...
  6. dashang

    Using amadeus web service

    Hello, i have subscribed to amadeus web service. Its used for flight, hotel booking etc . I have to build mvc app and connecting with web service . but the documentation of amadeus is bad and generalized and also i didnt found much on google. Is anyone is aware of using amadeus...
  7. H

    pc for programming & gaming 60000

    hi everyone, I want to purchase my first pc. please find the questionnaire 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word...
  8. D

    Laptop for Programming 35-45k

    Dear All, I want to buy a laptop for my developing and will be using tools like Visual Studio and SQL Server and other tools. I want the laptop to be programmer friendly and have a good keyboard layout and trackpad. Budget 35-45k preferably. But can shell out 5 more if it makes a big...
  9. setanjan123

    btech confusion

    Guys i was wondering how much programming part is there in WBUT syllabus in IT stream. Im just in 1st year. I knw in 2nd year there is C. But is there java,sql etc or that is in CSE? What is the main diff b/w CSE and IT when it comes down to programming?
  10. D

    Want to learn matlab

    I have read recently completed b.e mech and now doing a job. In the free time i want to learn matlab or any other programming language useful in mechanical field. Suggest me some good sites or preferably a book.
  11. Vyom

    New Programming Language, "D" : Combination of Speed of C++ and Simplicity of Modern Language

    Before you dismiss this language as "just another language" I recommend to give the article a read. It sounds promising. Also, I created this article in "Programming" section rather than in News section, because of obvious reason. Link: The Next Big Programming Language You?ve Never Heard Of |...
  12. quagmire

    Guess the Programming Language

    Guess the Programming Language | Tutorialzine How many did you get right? [emoji3] [Mods if you feel this is inappropriate here please move it to the right section]
  13. deepak_ds

    need alternatives for matlab

    OS: UBUNTU 14.04 I need a software for simulation as in MATLAB in windows. I found the alternative for programming.
  14. A

    2nd Sem; Tier-3; Indian CSE Student; Linux or Windows? Will any laptop support linux properly?

    So yes, I couldn't study like madmen for 2 years straight 10 hours per day and hence couldn't get into iit. I'm now studying in a Tier-3 local college where we are being taught C in turbo c++ via dos in XP.. Q1: Should I put in the extra efforts and learn Linux and command line / shell...
  15. D

    What After B Tech ?

    Hello all this is my first post in forum hope ya'll be nice to me :p I do know that things like these are to be decided on our own and nobody can exactly TELL you what to do . But ive seen lotta people getting good POINTERS from fellow members here when i GOOGLed my dilemma hence posting...
  16. Desmond

    The BASIC programming language completes 50 years.

    10 let i = 1 20 if i = 50 then print "Happy 50th Anniversary BASIC" else goto 40 30 goto 60 40 i = i + 1 50 goto 20 60 exit run During the times when programming was mainly for engineers and scientists with languages such as FORTRAN and Algol around, BASIC is the first language designed for...
  17. P

    laptop in b/w 60-70k INR for gaming, high performance multitasking, programming, 3D-graphics designi

    I want a laptop in range of 60 to 70,000 inr for gaming, multitasking, programming, 3D designing. I want a very good screen, good sound quality, and a very good after sale service.
  18. S

    Hi All

    Hello All.I am Sahasra from India.Newbie here. I came across to this forum when I was searching for Web programming forums and I was so excited to join it. This forum is so interested as well I found it very much informative.
  19. Desmond

    Interactive Online Programming Tutorials Thread

    Anyone learning a new programming language has always had to deal with being overwhelmed by new concepts, programming paradigms and/or language semantics and syntax. Taking it all at once would shut down anyone's mind. However, this thread lists interactive tutorials that will teach you any...
  20. K

    C++ Programming Tutorials

    hey Guys there I have created a C++ Programming tutorial playlist on youtube. This is for absolute beginners and anyone can watch and learn i have done 27 videos each of around 5 mins till date and hopefully you all will get great benifit from it. so here is the link and enjoy...
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