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  1. satyadeep

    Creating LAN Booting network?

    I have lan with 3pcs and i want to share internet over all of them. My server conf. is Proccessor 2.8GHz Dual core Ram 1GB ATI onboard Motherboard Intel 2 Clients conf. is Proccessor P4...
  2. giprabu

    will games be fine on amd's x6 in future ??

    Will future dx11 games be able to use all 6 six cores in amd's X6 proccessor ??
  3. D

    info needed

    What processor will i get for Rs.14,000/- based on 64 bit platform. also tell the motherboard with. Also tel me the config of the proccessor
  4. N

    A query abt Proccessor

    Which is the currently available Fastest Proccessor in Intel, Amd, and Cyrix For Desktops?
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