1. bukaida

    problem configuring wireless dataone broadband in FC-11 live on USB

    I have installed fedora core live on my 4 gb pendrive with 1 gb reserved for persistent storage. Everything is working fine except I am not being able to connect to my dataone broadband. My wireless network is detected perfectly and the ip addresses, username and passwords are given accordingly...
  2. praka123

    BSNL Dataone some sites not accessible? Here is the Solution:-

    Many ppl with NIB-I or NIB-II connection are complaining about they are not able to connect to some sites.sometimes it is google,micro$haft etc. So the Solution is to change the MTU(Maximum Transmission Unit) to 1454 from 1500 or 1492. In GNU/Linux , you can easily change by editing...
  3. D

    modem hangup??? in RHEL 4

    i got the following error messages while trying to connect to the net using "rp-pppoe" type connection for BSNL broadband. [root@localhost /]# adsl-connect Using interface ppp0 Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/pts/1 CHAP authentication succeeded: Authentication success,Welcome! local IP address...
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