1. revolt

    Posts getting deleted.

    These days i have observed that my posts are not taken in a good sense.People are just going on deleting my post.I dont know why. I just want this forum free of useless arrogant stupid noob spammers.
  2. L

    Sharing download free mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers, Applications/Softwares,Games

    This is not meant as spam, since I have nothing to do with the site. Just wanted to share my best link as a first post.I think it's great! If you want ,you can click here download.:) I guarantee you like it.
  3. User Name

    link of that tutorial

    hi i heard from my friend that there is tutorial of playing songs in winamp from Mobile phone(using bluetooth) on this forum.unfortunately he doesn't know the title of that post.I hav searched but didn't find.:( Can u please post that link. Thanks in advance.:)
  4. Chetan1991

    Sorry for"Try it out newbees!!"

    Sorry for the thread "try it out newbees"friends, as I am also a newbee myself.Please tell me how I can embed a picture in my post.I am really sorry for the annoyance you felt and will try not to repeat this again.:(
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