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  1. M

    How to upgrade to opera weekly in gentoo

    I have opera 9.10 build 521 install from portage stable arch. But I'd like to install opera weekly that i've downloaded from http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/Weekly-557/intel-linux/ Now, someone on #gentoo pointed me to portage overlays and layman. But, then told me that build 557 isn't available...
  2. aku

    "Apple, we have a problem" - Gentoo MacOS X

    Almost exactly one year after the idea of porting Portage to MacOS X came up - and the joint Metapkg initiative between Fink, Darwinports and Gentoo took off - a 20-head-strong developer team around Pieter van den Abeele (strategic lead) and Daniel Ostrow (operational) is now ready to release an...
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