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  1. T

    Upgrade your RAM now. Say farewell to cheap RAM

    Upgrade your Memory now. Say farewell to cheap RAM "DRAM shortages, which started in early 2013, have become worse recently and may impact PC brand vendors' performances in the second quarter, according to sources from PC players. Commenting on the issue, Acer chairman JT Wang pointed out that...
  2. mang

    Photoshop Both sides pointed brushes how to get

    I could not get both sides pointed brushes as i posted the picture how do i obtain both sides pointed brushed in photoshop any help?
  3. Anorion

    Where Hindi Movie posters are ripped off from

    Apparently, yindians can't come up with original impressive posters for movies without ripping em off from somewhere else post such instances here was watching Agneepath trailer and noticed that Sanjay Dutt's face was pretty close to an Aphex twin album this one was pointed out to me...
  4. G

    free sms

    visit this link to know more: Link Removed [Edited Batty] Removed referral link. Moreover there are more threads on similar topic, one of which has been pointed out in the next post.
  5. D

    Which is your favourite game developer?

    Mine is Blizzard. 100% strike rate. Every single game has been a smash hit. EDITED as neo_reloaded and nemesis have pointed out later, i forgot to include ubisoft and id. sorry bout that
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