1. Harsh Pranami

    [Want to Buy] 4 gb ddr3l 1600mhz low voltage laptop ram

    Please P.M. your offers. Warranty not necessary.
  2. chimera201

    [Views] Corsair/Kaizen Mumbai RAM RMA experience

    One of my 4GB Corsair Vengeance RAM stick turned out to be defective so I went to Kaizen Infoserve at Lamington. Unfortunately I reached there at 1:30 p.m. and 1-2 p.m. was their lunch time. So I waited. There were other people already waiting. Atleast got an empty chair to sit. A few minutes...
  3. ithehappy

    What is my AirTel Digital TV subscription pack exactly?

    This is just three months I have been using ADTV, but I never quite figured out what my base pack is. I have a HD STB, and initially I wanted to have the Mega pack as SD (Rs.350 p.m) and HD Plus top-up (Rs.175 p.m). And on first month they said they will give HD channels free, so I didn't have...
  4. paroh

    Find the mistake on the bsnl site (quess spelling mistake)

    Find the mistake on the bsnl site (quess spelling mistake) http://bsnl.co.in/service/new_BB/BB_home_only_unlim.htm Bsnl offering FREE GOD Free GOD of Rs. 199/- p.m. for one Year from date of subscription. Free GOD of Rs. 199/- p.m. and Ent. Portal of Rs. 149/- p.m. for one Year.
  5. Rockstar11

    MTNL provides 752 Kbps Unlimited @ Rs.749/- p.m.

    MTNL provides 752 Kbps Unlimited @ Rs.749/- p.m. MTNL provides 752 Kbps Unlimited @ Rs.749/- p.m. Ref :- http://mumbai.mtnl.net.in/triband/htm/unlimited.html MTNL DSL_Unlimited_Combo_495## - 320Kbps -Unlimited Rs. 495/- BSNL Home UL 750 - 256 Kbps - Unlimited Rs. 750/- MTNL -...
  6. Tech.Masti

    Lowest Ever call charges in Kolkata Circle

    Under the new tariff scheme, calls to landlines and other mobile service providers will be charged at 35 paise per minute. STD calls will be charged at Re 1 per minute. Night-time calls ~ between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.~ to all Relaince phones will be charged at 5 paise per minute. Read details...
  7. panacea_amc

    << Cell One GPRS Querry >>

    hey people, i seem to have forgotten the download limit of Cell One GPRS Rs 199 p.m plan.....i faintly remember it to be 3GB...m i correct?? thanks!!
  8. sabret00the

    Official Kolkata 2nd G2G Thread

    This is the official Kolkata Digit members 2nd Get2Gether Thread.As of right now the next G2G is proposed on the 2nd of September,2007. gauravakaasid is the Single Point of Contact(SPOC) for the meet any member can p.m. him or me for any queries. Rules of the Meet:- 1)Prior to meet interested...
  9. abhinandh

    need a good internet connection

    i am using tataindicom dialup also which is real costly(rs24/hr).please suggest me another option whic is cheap and with a reasonable speed.what abt sancharnet?can u please tell more abt airtel gprs.i now spend abt rs 800 p.m. on internet. bsnl dial up speeds are ok in my place.sifi,dataone(no...
  10. K

    Date you received your this months Digit Subscription

    Hi friends Hope Our dear mods "Raaabo" &/or "FatBeing" don't lock this post. But just want the digit logistic team to pull up there socks and take this post as a challenge and bring the complaints to a minimum. it is 9th I have not received till 12:00 p.m. and if I do not receive it today...
  11. abhi_12ka4

    Can any 1 hlep me to hack Airtel GPRS

    Can any one hlep me to hack Airtel GPRS. Airtel has increased it rental to 249 P.M from 99 P.M. I have collected tips to hack Airtel live to send MMS free of cost Pls Help Me Its Urgent
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