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  1. D

    iphone 5 discontinued? now what do i do?

    Hi guys, I have a question. I bought an unlocked imported iphone 5 for 35000 in feb. Since it is discontinued, what would be its expected resale value after an year or so? will it take a plunge???? Should i sell it off right now to minimize any further loss?
  2. K

    Best To Wait For 3D TV?

    Hi I'm looking to buy a new TV, but i'm not sure whether to wait and see what new 3D TV's come out this year. Are there any releases I should hold out for or is it worth taking the plunge and buying an existing 3d tv thats on the market right now? Thanks in advance!
  3. ashu888ashu888

    NFS Underground-2 wanna chat any1 !!!

    Hi guys and gals (well not gals coz they dont play games like we o.)RITE GUYS !!!!! let me hear u loudly. Anyways anyone who would like to get hints on this game do make a plunge in this discussion and i will try to help u with as many topics as i can. So long then GAMING COMMUNITY ...
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