1. Y

    Am I overclocking a PIC18F4525?

    I'm working on a legacy product, so I can't adjust the crystal or board in any way. It was originally written in PicBasicPro and I'm moving things over to Hi-Tech C. It's a Pic18F4525 and has a 20Mhz crystal. According to the datasheet, the PLL just multiplies the frequency by 4. So, this...
  2. A

    pll of motherboard

    someone please tell me the pll of my asus M3A78-EM
  3. comp@ddict


    UnOfficial OVERCLOCKKER'S I have decided to start this thread for: 1. Info on OCing limits from individual owners like their CPU and GPU. 2. Helping out newbies in OCing to prevent them from damaging their PC components by pushing to unsafe limits. Hope you all will help me out with this...
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