1. EagerBeaver

    Web 2.0 ??????????

    Wat is this WEB 2.0. Ples try to xplain me. WEB 1.0 ? And i red somewhere WEB 3.0 is on the way ????????????????????????????
  2. ketanbodas

    Pc Freezes All The Time

    :mad: WTF...these days my PC freezes so very very often when I am working and I often hav to re-start and lose work in the process ! What is hapening and what can I do. Ples dont ask me to reinstall :-(
  3. EagerBeaver


    HELP ME. I managed to instal IE7RC1 on my pirated Windows XP. But sir on rebooting, explore.exe was unabel to start becoz it found some Nameiz.dll file missing. Even the frigging Task-Bar has gone missing. I just gets the Wallpaper. What should I do now. I am posting this request from some...
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