1. tkin

    Free XML Editor Required

    This thread is about a software, but since its related exclusively to programming I think this thread belongs here. So, I had been recently working on Mule as well as XML Processing using Java, we use plenty of XSLT to transform xmls, so I need access to a fast and powerful free xml editor...
  2. N

    Mic for podcast/video demos

    I want to buy a new Microphone (preferably noise cancelling) to record podcast and video demos. quality is important. max budget is 3000 I checked FK and ebay but there are plenty. So I can't decide. Please help Anand
  3. ithehappy

    Is there any alternative for MU or FS/FSC?

    That SOPA sh!t closed down highly popular websites like Megaupload, and also Fileserve, Filesonic etc. Is there any other alternative for that? Its a HUGE setback for me as I was a heavy downloader, and I am sure for plenty users, despite the fact they wanna prove themselves against piracy and...
  4. axxo

    Shortest E-mail id

    ??I'm not sure whether this was posted already. But find this a new one for me atleast, a short mail id that too representing our nation, does offer plenty of space(10GB) to store all those junks. *
  5. koolbluez

    Install Aero Enabled Vista on an inexpensive PC

    Well, I found this DIGG and thought it might b of some help. Contrary to popular beliefs that Vista needs a bomb of a pc... her's something more endearing to the middle-income user :D [Source] __________ anyone :D
  6. shashanktyagi1

    changing partitions.

    one fine day trying to save space i just allotted only 4.xgb for win xp home. now it is always low on space while other partions have plenty of it. any software to change the partitions without formatting? dont want to format.
  7. V

    quick start up xp & other

    1. i have win xp proffesional. any one among member suggested to use HIBERNATE. but on the site there r plenty of downloads which shiuld i select? 2. i want to install linux on my pc. can i install? if yes which boot files i requires?
  8. O

    Embedding files in exe?

    hi..i want to know how to embed files in exe...any body know the trick? there are plenty of softwares on net to do this but all sharwares! :?
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