1. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Under 10 K CPU+Motherboard+Board

    Finally my 5 year old desktop got blown up today ...Now I need a basic replacement PC my budget is Max 10,000 can do 500 -1000 but not more than that .Please suggest me a new CPU +RAM+Motherboard Pls recommend me both Intel and Amd , will decide between both
  2. U

    laptop shut down problem

    I have HP pavillion dv 2910 tx model. My laptop shutdown in 5-10 min . I had tried windows 7,vista and even ubuntu ,but the problem still exists .Please tell me some permanent solution for this problem as i am not able to do any thing on my laptop.
  3. samaresh7

    New point &shoot camera for 4-4.5k

    the camera specially for shooting in macro mode and landscape photos. Budget very tight 4-4.5k+(200-300bucks) .please suggest some models.going to purchase online(flipkart or letsbuy):neutral:
  4. S

    Samsung GT-S3850

    Hi I have bought a new mobile-Samsung GT-S3850.It supports theme.Where I can get .Please tell me. android
  5. B

    Suggest a good moblile phone for 8K

    I want to buy a mobile phone under 8K .Please suggest.........
  6. Amir.php


    I want unzip software for sony k310i .please tell me.
  7. aneesh kalra

    can vista run on mac like xp did

    Can we run windows vista on a mac mini or ant other version .please specify which flavour of vista would run if it will.
  8. N

    Bugs or limitation of MontavistaLinux

    Ifanybody came across the bugsor limitation or canprovide me with the Comparision table of diff- version of linux specially to Montavista linux .please reply or just feel free to mail at : naveengupta83@gmail.com thanks & best regards, NAVEEN
  9. william

    slow speed

    My computer is slowing down though it has got no viruses and no spywares or infections . i don't know the reason .please help me!! is there anyway to increase the speed of computer?
  10. F

    linux installaion problem??

    I got a P4 with HT 3.0ghz. 915gav motherboard. sata rive 80gb. When i try to install redhat linux v9 i get the following message no harddisk found .Please help!!!
  11. C


    I tried the recover files software from MARCH DVD.It listed my file but there was no option on how to recover it .Please help. :D :D
  12. Q

    boot sector virus

    hi i have infected my computer with a boot sector virus.avast,avg & norton cannot do anything about it .please help.
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