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  1. srkmish

    Nokia X or Nokia 520

    Hi friends, I have to purchase a new mobile as My karbonn A5 was destroyed by the washing machine . The price of these 2 mobiles have now reached 7k (+-). I was thinking to get Nokia 520 as X does not have playstore installed. But i found out that we can root and install playstore. I have...
  2. ashs1

    installing google playstore apps from pc ??

    hi guys ! I was planning on downloading Dead trigger game from playstore but with my 2g speed, i might as well drop the idea. Fortunately, my PC has decent speed. :D can anyone guide me through the process on " how to install playstore apps in your android from pc " ? I opened...

    Help required. urgent.

    hello all. people please help me. please download Age of Empire game onto your android device and install it. it is a 17 mb game. it asks you a code upon installation. please enter 5419993290. this is my code.Both you and I get 5 gold coins in the game. i am in urgent requirement of gold. the...
  4. R

    New S3 mini Playstore Not Opening

    Hey guys I just bought a S3 mini ,While buying the shopper gave me lesser price but said it wont carry warranty. I purchased it. After Starting it worked properly.Installed apps from Playstore,But after few hrs even I can browse web but I cant open playstore using both the Playstore App and...
  5. G

    Nexus 7 - trouble in setting up Google wallet for app purchase

    I'm using the nexus 7 with jellybean 4.2.. I was trying to buy an app but it's not accepting my debit card.. I tried 2 ways 1. Online play store - when I fill all the debit card details and submit it says invalid card.. I tried 3 different debit cards but of no use 2. I tried purchasing an app...
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