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    A real Challenge Can we do it???

    Hi... Looking for software/setting which will 1. Restrct access to USB port. 2. Will let use access only "Prespecified URL" using IE on perticular terminal. I am using XP. Can we do it???
  2. S

    restriction for user account

    hi guys (1) is there any police to restrict "user" , so that they can't make any user giving any password? (2)one user will be there so that anyone can use it but couldnot give any password for that perticular "usser accnt". all computers having the configuration "xp sp-2"
  3. M

    i wwant to get UV cables.whr in india pls

    hi dear friends, hw are you all. well as a reader of the digit. once i was read an article abt UV Cables wh we can put inside the CPU .in modding section. well i am in search to get some coloured UV cables for modding my own PC. pls be kind enf to let me knw the contact no frm whare...
  4. R

    yahooo mail session time setting

    HI, Can i set yahoo mail session time. Like after i login , i want yahoo to logout my account automatically after perticular time, say 30min. Is it possible? Can anyone help me
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