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  1. H

    ASUS and DFY 680i(s) to support quadcore penryn

    This is news from inside source at guru3D. Nvidia canceled its plans for penryn quadcore support on its 680i chipset due to board layout factors which i had posted but since Asus and DFY have different board layouts for their 680i these motherboards like the Asus 680i striker extreme and P5N32-E...
  2. Gigacore

    All Eyes on 'Penryn' CPU at Intel Developer Forum

    While Intel's branding strategy isn't clear, Penryn will be a 45-nm shrink of the latest Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors. Like the naming structure, we expect the line between "mobile" processors and "desktop" processors to become blurred in 2008, with more desktop PCs using the same...
  3. M

    Intel's Future Plans

    Right after our talk with John Freude of AMD, we also had the opportunity to talk to Tim Bailey, Intel's APAC Director of Marketing about Intel's future plans. He touched on everything from the Penryn which is just-over-the-horizon to Intel's next-generation 32 nm process technology. Let's...
  4. sabret00the

    AnandTech puts Penryn to the test

    By the end of this year, AMD will introduce its long-awaited Phenom processors and Intel will introduce Penryn – its first 45nm desktop CPU. Apparently, there are already some Penryn samples floating around. AnandTech managed to sneak an early revision dual-core Wolfdale based Penryn processor...
  5. kirangp

    Intel spills beans on Core 2 successor: SSE4, faster virtualization, bigger caches

    At a press conference today, Intel's Pat Gelsinger revealed fresh details of the company's forthcoming 45nm processor family, codenamed Penryn. Penryn is the 45nm successor to the Merom/Conroe/Woodcrest microarchitecture that underlies the popular 65nm Core 2 Duo processor line. Gelsinger...
  6. blackpearl

    Conroe's successor Penyrn revealed

    Today, Intel is announcing that its first full CPU built using the new 45nm high-k + metal gate transistors is not only up and running, but it has also booted four OSes. The very first packaged Penryn silicon from the very first wafer booted Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Windows XP and Linux on the...
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