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  1. A

    How to create 2 active partitions on Pen-Drive

    Hi Guys, I wanted to create 2 NTFS partition in my 32 GB Kingston pen-drive (one 500mb and remaining) I try so much ting but it doesn't work for me I also refer Krazzy Warrior tutorial on the same http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/tutorials/122394-multi-partition-usb-flash-drive-windows.html but...
  2. R

    How to play Anaglyph & Stereo 3d videos on PS3 & 3d TV?

    I have Samsung ua40d6600wr 3d Full HD LED TV. Also got PS3 Move I can play 3D 1080p Blue Ray disks in PS3 and watch them on the TV in 3D with no problem with the active glasses. But when I connect a USB pen-drive (with downloaded content) to PS3, it does not detect videos or photos on the...
  3. N

    How to format write-protected pen drive?

    My friend has a 4GB pen-drive of a company named PNY. It is a tiny thing. He inserted the pen-drive in someone's PC and after that the pen-drive is now write-protected. He gave it to me to format. I first tried using command prompt. None of the combination with the format command worked. Then I...
  4. A

    Pen drive not recognized by Windows7

    My PC is not recognizing any pen-drives. Windows gives message "Device not recognized" when I plug in the pen-drive. When I click troubleshoot, it shows unknown device, and it's properties has message "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"...
  5. utkarsh009

    Urgent!!!need help!fast!

    how to boot using pen-drive in gigabyte ga-880gm-ud2h? i am not able to do that. i booted via pen-drive in my netbook and it works perfectly but am not able to boot from it in my computer which has that mobo. when i select the boot device to be USB-HDD or any other than Hard disk it displays...
  6. hluachawngthu

    Need suggestions for pen-drive

    I am planning to buy pen-drive 4GB+. I was using Transcend & A-Data so far. But I've lost 'em. Which product is good in terms of prize, durability, reliability and look? I am budgeting around Rs. 1000/-. Please advise.
  7. tanmoy_Siliguri

    Which is the best pendrive

    Me & my friends are in confusion on "what is the best pen-drive in the market in respect to speed,durability,data loss,price etc". There are lots of pen-drive & all know transcend is most pupular..but another one is popular that is kingston..but there are others ocz,corsair,i-ball,scandisk etc...
  8. godling

    Portable Hard Drive

    Need a portable USB hard drive which has a REALLY SMALL FORM FACTOR. Can someone advice which is the smallest of the lot? Capacity is not a problem. Anything close to 40GB or more will do. But it must be hard drive based and not a flash pen-drive, and must be really really small! :)
  9. Garbage

    Partitions on Pen-Drive

    Hi !! I've a 2GB Pendrive. I just wants to ask that can I make partitions on that pendrive ?
  10. H

    how to LOCK my pc using a pen-drive? help please

    well I have a USB thumb drive , Jetflash 128 mb . Now I heard with this I can lock my PC so that nobody can use it? but how to do that?
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