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  1. T

    Need a PC for 30k

    Hello everyone, I need a PC (for a friend) and his budget is around 30k. He doesn't need a GPU for now, but needs a mobo with a PCI-EX slot. So, please help me fill the blanks here. I've added some of my suggestions : Motherboard : (Should support DDR3 , so that eliminates my favourite..the...
  2. r2d2

    AGP card under Rs. 3000

    Any suggestion for an AGP card (8X) under Rs. 3000. I mean best for that price range. Please don't suggest PCI-Ex as my mobo only support agp.
  3. Matrix

    Want to by a PC

    Friends i want to buy a PC ....my configuration is ........ AMD 3800+ x2 (AM2) Asus M2NPV-MX 80GB IDE HD x 2 512MB DDR2 Ram Graphich Card 256MB PCI-Ex how much it will cost me max....in Lucknow and New Delhi
  4. D

    PCI-ex Graphics Card Solution

    I am buying AMD athlon 64 3500+ , I want a good PCI-ex Gfx Card not more than Rs.6500/- I want only card from Nvidia. So please tell me what card will i get for Rs.6500.
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