1. hellknight

    the FreeBSD thread

    Hey FOSS guys. FreeBSD has been often neglected in the forum. Although all the Mactards keep on blabbering about their Mac OS X, they forget one thing that Mac OS X is nothing without FreeBSD. So, I urge you all to give a try to FreeBSD or PC-BSD. And, if you guys are familiar with our beloved...
  2. NewsBytes

    PC-BSD 8.1

    We always wonder why is it that Microsoft makes us pay to use its OS, so why not shift to Linux or UNIX which are open source and free to use. No doubt Microsoft has made it very easy for lay man to use a PC but we all know Linux is more secure than Windows. Also, off late Linux...
  3. hellknight

    The BSD Thread!!

    Browsing this forum since last 2-3 years and I think that we don't have any BSD related thread.. so its time to start it now.. I installed PC-BSD 7 today and i must say that it is a wonderful operating system. All you Linux geeks will feel at home using it.. although its different.. I...
  4. PcEnthu

    Windows styled software management in PC-BSD

    Don't know if you guys know this or not. The PC-BSD 1.5 has a windows styled software manager. You can have your packages installed by: 1. Double click on the installer file (File with .pbi extension) 2. Answer a few questions by moving through some setup screens. Source: PC-BSD Review on...
  5. P

    Pc-bsd Anyone?

    Hello geeks. Anyone here has pc-bsd on their pc's.I'm going to dual boot it with windows xp or Ubuntu.Is it good OS?Ideas.suggestions,links,personal experiences using pc-bsd are appreciated.Awaiting your replies fellas.
  6. debsuvra

    PC BSD 1.4, geeky meets average joe!

    WIth the rising of Open Source Software community, many unix based linux distros made their presence in the horizon of operating system,. However BSD based OSs were always labeled as "geeky" OS and comon people usually do not want to try their hands on it. But in fact, they can be useful and...
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