1. N

    Bachelor thesis on digital payment.

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on my bachelor thesis on decreasing cyber-crime in India. As such I need the help of people living in India to fill in my 100% anonymous short survey! I know how this sound so I am only asking you for maximum 1 minute of your time! This survey will help me...
  2. K

    Paytm wallet upgrade

    Sorry, didn't know where to post so posted here. Mods can move this to appropriate thread. As paytm is offering a wallet upgrade for free with only some address proof, I wanted to ask is this safe? For those who don't know what wallet upgrade is, you can have maximum amount of 10k in your...
  3. C

    Is paytm safe for buying headphones?

    I have seen complaints in forums about the fraudulent behavior of paytm over the orders. Is it safe to buy headphones from paytm??
  4. P

    WTB Advice : White board for daily writing purpose

    Hey guys! I want to buy a white-board for my daily writing purpose - i would be writing words,equations and personal notes regularly. It would be 1 or 2 x 1 or 2 ft and would be mounted on a wall. Can i use 2 plastic hooks like these? Should be waterproof and easy to use (erase,clean,rewrite)...
  5. mitraark

    Safe to buy DSLR from Paytm ?

    Have to get a DSLR before 24.04, was waiting for prices to come down as people said it will because new models have been released. Prices have not really come down much. Trying to get the Nikon D3300 , it's Rs 30075 on Paytm, with 7000 cashback, so effectively 23075. Flipkart is selling it at...
  6. mitraark

    New to photography, camera within 10k

    Hello everyone, I'm looking forward to buying a camera, budget is 10k. Camera will be mostly used to shoot outdoors, sturdy camera preferred as I'll be using it while backpacking, local trains, dusty off roads, damp forests etc. The Nikon Coolpix L830 is available for Rs10578 at PayTM...
  7. mitraark

    Vodafone recharge failed

    I recharged Rs 38 on Vodafone with Paytm ( 500 SMS for 30 Days ) and I received a message that "Recharge Successful, 500 SMS valid till []" , (there was no date written, just '[]' ), and i am still being charged Re 1 per SMS. This is not the first time i used Paytm, but the first time i am...
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