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  1. s3Prosavage

    Urgent Help!!!!!!!!!!

    i have ordered a product at indiatimes using paymate...initially they verified...but now they have cancelled it for refund.........:mad: .....da problem is my paymate account still shows 0 balance n its validity is goin to expire today...so i want my money back 2day so that i can use...
  2. goobimama

    New Paymate offer. Double your money.

    Paymate Offer I'm not sure where to post this, or whether it has been already posted, so here goes anyway. You buy a voucher for say 500 bucks, and when you checkout at a shopping site, that voucher is worth 1000 bucks. Use at your own risk/discretion, I'm just spreading the news.
  3. arunks

    New offer by paymate for giftmate rs.250 voucher.. ENjoy!!!

    Guys another offer for getting free 250 voucher has started.. So enjoy this guys..:p They have colaborated with kingfisher airlines.. GiftMate Voucher Offer Details Existing GiftMate users will not be eligible to receive the GiftMate voucher under thisoffer. The GiftMate voucher worth Rs...
  4. V

    Review Thread: The online stores in india

    hello guys. use this thread to review the services of online shopping stores in india. i ll start wid indiaplaza.in Site: Indiaplaza.in Purchased: Nokia 1200 Cost: 1450 (almost equal to prevailing prices in the market) Payment option used: Paymate credit:D Shipping Charges: nil Any other...
  5. A

    Did you receive products ordered by Paymate ??

    I was wondering if you guys received the products ordered via Paymate (Thanks to Devil for the news). I had ordered a watch, whose status is shown 'Under Process'. I hope this Paymate stuff is not a bad joke !! Please share your experiences..
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