1. rohitshubham

    bluetooth probs

    hi i have 2 phones namely SE T610 and NOKIA 2600 they both have blue tooth But they dont connect and the SE one always asks for passkey and how to disable that
  2. Drizzling Blur

    Passkey change for Beetel 440 Txi

    My pal uses Airtel Broadband and has a Beetel 440 Txi router, he wants to change the passkey, could some one help me about how to go with it ? The Passkey has not been lost, he just wants it changed.
  3. QwertyManiac

    Torrent - Invalid passkey ???

    Help ! Recenty, i am always getting Invalid Passkey whenever i try to d/l a file thru BitComet Why is this happening. I never leech too much !
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