1. yesh1683

    My 2 Day Old Laptop everything messed up Please help..

    I got an laptop from my college, Lenovo e43, it came with 250 GB HDD, 3 GB Ram, and windows 7 profestional preinstalled. It has one key Rescue system button, it restores system to factory default. Everything was fine, The system came with 2 partitions one C: which had 187 G, in which windows 7...
  2. D

    Somebody help me plez viewers i need ur help

    :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::cry: i have a problem using sata II 500gb hdd with my intel 865gbf(1gb ram,2.8htprosseosr) mobo.... i have two 80gb's ide hard disk install(wrking good).. but when i installed the sata II 500gb hdd it got detected at sata port 0 in...
  3. B

    partition on pen drive

    hi , friends i have 32 GB pendrive , i want to create partions on it , how can do the same? pl . help me :( Thank you
  4. saurabh kakkar

    Unable to create links :(

    Hi I have made 4 of my fat32 partions auto mount at start-up So every time system starts these 4 partions comes on desktop .Now i wana make shortcuts for some of my folders residing in this fat volume on desktop but whenever I try to create a link on any folder i get this message : plz tell...
  5. saurabh kakkar

    help me on these problems

    hi every time i log into ubuntu 7.04 i have to mount my FAT32 partions from PLACES->COMPUTERS is there any way so that these partions will mount automatically after ubuntu stars. also is there any download meter for ubnutu cos i have 400mbs per month conne. Code: sudo fdisk -l gives...
  6. P

    Hard Disk partions-not visible

    Dear Sir, I`m a new member to the forum.. but a regular purchaser of DIGIT for the past nine years and I enjoy continuing to be a DIGIT freak... Last year i.e. nine months ago I purchased a Pentium IV 4, 2.66 Mhz(MSI 915G combo mother board) with 512Mb DDR I, a zeebronics nVidia graphics card...
  7. shashanktyagi1

    changing partitions.

    one fine day trying to save space i just allotted only 4.xgb for win xp home. now it is always low on space while other partions have plenty of it. any software to change the partitions without formatting? dont want to format.
  8. sujeet2555

    disk partioning

    i wanna know,can i partition or join the partions without losing the data on
  9. K

    Resizing Partions on a dynamic Disk?

    is Resizing Partions on a dynamic Disk possible? i tried partition magic with no results
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