1. mithun_mrg

    Msi P43 Neo MB & XFX 8600GT

    1. *Model number and details: MSI P43 NEO 2. *Date of purchase:August 2009 3. Reason for sale:Last Hardware Left off my old c2d system 4. Warranty details:Not sure i think it carries 3 yrs 5. *Expected Price:2.5K 6. *Location of Seller:ASSAM MSI Global – Mainboard - P43 Neo...
  2. ashis_lakra

    P35 vs P43

    Hi, I know this is odd as compared to newer generation chipsets, but my games still run bad in g31 chipset.. I don't want to spend for a whole new set of proc + mobo + ram to extract most out of my hd 6850. So, i was thinking of buying a used one p35 or p43 chipset motherboard. I...
  3. antani_90

    [Want to Buy] Used p45 or p43 motherboard

    guys need a used p45 or p43 mobo for socket 775 cpu and ddr3 compatible:-o
  4. MenTaLLyMenTaL

    Help choose between biostar p43 & msi p43

    I'll be buying a comp after 24th nov. I've narrowed down onto these two mobos. Wont be OCing much - coz currently, i have no knowledge of OC and i wasnt thinking of OCing at all when i first started to search for mobos. But just so that it will be fun later on, i'll do some. Things i need is...
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